Our Onlyx project is growing and with it the need for more people to join the team. So we are looking for super-mans especially for the following positions:

Assistant / versatile worker

Is learning new things, quickly understanding the context and independence of action your strong point? Are you constantly trying to improve yourself and the environment? Do you have flexible thinking and do you immediately put every new lesson into practice? Can you quickly understand the operation of new computer applications and systems? If so, don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking for a helping hand minor activities connected with daily operations. From packaging goods, through updating the content of the e-shop, obtaining information, to possible communication with customers and suppliers. Furthermore, monitoring of social networks, link building, and other similar activities... Most of the work is done on the computer from home, but for the purpose of regular personal meetings, we prefer a person from the vicinity of Zvolen or Senec.

Product manager

Are you a fanatic for nutritional supplements? Are you familiar with their composition, effects and appropriateness of use? Alternatively, can you professionally design them or present them in the form of a blog or video? We are looking for a product manager in order to regularly expand our portfolio. Your task would be coverage of the entire product process – from monitoring new trends, through finding and managing high-quality suppliers, purchasing/custom production, preparation of packaging, labels, images, up to the stage of putting it on sale through our e-shop, or distributors. Did it appeal to you? If so, don't hesitate to contact us!

Digital marketer and marketer

Are you a marketing and business guru? U know long-term and strategic increase of all important indicators? Do you have practical experience with concepts such as PPC, social networks, e-mail marketing, SEO, affiliate, marketplaces, e-commerce, etc.? Would you be able to create and manage a network of distributors and resellers? You can learn quickly and you have no problem with the more sophisticated operation of technical systems, such as Shopify? If so, don't hesitate to contact us!

So who are we looking for?

We are looking for a disciplined, system- and process-oriented person with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and a great desire to learn new things for all of the above positions.

What we offer?

We offer paid cooperation (for trade or s.r.o.). The goal is to test mutual satisfaction. In the event that "the chemistry works", it is also possible interesting business share on the entire Onlyx project.

What is the difference and vision of Onlyx?

The name Onlyx represents the expression "extra quality only". It's not a cliché, we really only focus on premium quality and first-class service. We don't care about the average, we see no added value for the customer. 

In the first phase, we profiled ourselves as "Lyme experts" for a narrow target group of people with Lyme disease. In the following phases, we plan to expand our expertise to include new thematic groups such as "Liposomal experts" and others... We are open to new trends.

Our main difference is the understanding that only a customer whom we really help to solve his problem will return to us repeatedly. From an ethical, but also a pragmatic point of view, it is satisfied customer with the best strategy building a high-quality, valuable and profitable brand - Onlyx.

Did it interest you? If so, don't hesitate to contact us write now! :)

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