About us

Ing. Michaela Gondová

My name is Miška, and like the others in our team, I went through a long-term health problems. At first, I relied on the scientific knowledge of modern medicine. Unfortunately, in most cases, it´s approach is based on the principles of eliminating symptoms, rather than treating the trigger which cause them. So I turned my attention to nature, to natural herbal products, to a different and healthier diet approach and to a change of lifestyle in general. And that was when the positive changes started, as in my health, so in my life! I decided to share this huge enthusiasm with others on professional base as well. I am a person who likes to help, advise and shares her knowledge. This makes real sense to me.

Tomáš Jambor

My name is Tomáš, and a long time ago, I was bitten by a small tick that started big issues. I described my whole journey of healing in the blog byebyelyme.com, basis on which we received many suggestions to create an honest brand of quality nutritional supplements for people solving similar health problems - ONLYX. And why do I consider this project to be great? Because only meaningful activity and helping others can lead to long-term satisfaction and inner fulfillment.

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