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A team of professionals dedicated to help you regain your radiance.

Ing. Michaela Gondová

My name is Miška, and just like others in the team, I struggled with long-term health issues. Initially, I relied on the scientific knowledge of Western medicine. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is based on the principle of suppressing symptoms, rather than treating the root causes. Therefore, I directed my focus towards nature, natural herbal products, healthier diet and a general change of lifestyle. And that was when the positive changes began to happen both in my health and in my life! Inspired by these profound changes, I chose to share my enthusiasm with others, offering assistance, guidance, and sharing insights both personally and professionally. This endeavor imbues my life with genuine purpose. That is what makes sense to me. This gives me a real sense of purpose.

Ing. Zuzana Klimentová

I’m Zuzana and since childhood, people have always perceived me as an active, 100% healthy athlete full of energy. A few years ago, a strange illness entered my life bringing symptoms like extreme fatigue, inexplicable body pains, and a persistent flu-like feeling. The „lyme disease“ diagnosis came after months of visiting doctors who couldn't identify the cause of my problems, leading to feelings of hopelessness, fear, and desperation. Despite long-term antibiotic treatment, my condition didn’t improve so I decided to take my health into my own hands and became a passionate lyme disease professional. Eventually, I found my way back to full health through implementing herbal protocols combined with lifestyle adjustments and since then, I’ve been helping people in the same situation as me through Onlyx. I’d like to encourage everyone currently going through a tough time with this illness – regaining your previous quality of life is possible and my story is proof of that.

Tomáš Jambor

My name is Tomáš and a long time ago, I was bitten by a small tick that started big issues. I described my whole healing journey in the blog byebyelyme.com, on the basis of which we received many suggestions to create a reliable brand of high-quality nutritional supplements for people dealing with similar health problems – Onlyx. And why do I consider this project to be big? Because only meaningful activity and helping others can lead to long-term satisfaction and inner fulfillment.


My name is Luna, I’m five years old and since the beginning of the Onlyx project, I’ve been trying to be a full member of the team. My primal duties are making sure that we choose the best quality suppliers of raw materials and that our products are of exceptional quality and 100% safe, without any additives or contaminants. However, my absolutely favorite task within the project is spreading good mood among the team members because maintaining a positive atmosphere is essential for making our products exceptional and helping as many people as possible on their journey to health. In my free time, I absolutely love trips in nature, even if I always bring home quite a collection of ticks. Despite that, I stay healthy thanks to my active lifestyle, healthy diet, and constant happy tail wagging.

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