Our distinctness

Our distinctness

Our main distinction is, that we have a really sincere and honest intention to offer only the best of herbal and nutritional supplements. It sounds like a cliche, but we mean it! An average is not enough for us. All members of our team have experienced a long-term illness, which has changed our physical as well as our moral values. We know that feeling, when one needs to rely on someone. That is why we have put the quality and purity of our products on the first place. No compromises!

What is our innovation?

o HERBAL EXTRACT FORMULAS (INFLAM/IMUN/INFEX) in capsules. They cover the entire Mr. Buhner's CORE Lyme disease protocol. These are highly concentrated herbal extract formulas. The use of extract formulas is also suitable for people without in-depth knowledge of the Buhner protocol. From a financial point of view, this is the best offer on the market in terms of one gram of pure product.

o EXTRA STRONG 1:1 TINCTURE FORMULA (INFLAM/IMUN/INFEX). They cover the entire Buhner CORE Lyme disease protocol. They are especially suitable for people who cannot consume large amounts of alcohol. The tinctures are made by hand in Austria using a special low-level temperature vacuum soxhlet extraction. The production process consists of four cycles, in which new herbs are always used. This production is noticeably more demanding in terms of time, energy and materials compared to normal maceration. The result is an extra high concentration of active substances in a relatively small amount of alcohol.

o RAW HERB PRESSED HERBAL TABLETS. These are about 2 times denser (more concentrated) than conventional ground herbal powder, thus reducing the intake volume. As it is not an extract, all the active components of the herb are preserved in the tablet, which creates a very beneficial synergistic effect. The compressed herbal tablets dissolve in a gradual release, which ensures smooth absorption of the drug. You can swallow or just let them dissolve in the mouth. Thanks to the digestive enzymes in saliva and the strong absorption of the oral mucous membrane, you will achieve even higher effect by letting the raw herb tablets dissolve in the mouth.

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